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"The only problem I have with you as a rug dealer is that I didn't find you sooner!" -- a Satisfied Customer.
Yeah, that's me . . . Kirk
with my beautiful wife Liliya (who has almost completed her tour as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Java) and wonderful mother-in-law Vera, all of us out for a swim in the Dead Sea earlier last year.
I work on and off as a war correspondent (since 2001 I've covered Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and elsewhere), I'm an author of Military History, and I'm a Ph.D. candidate on the Defence Studies Department at King's College London in the final stretch of writing-up my dissertation. I love cats. I love gardening. I love to cook when I have the time. And, frankly, I love rugs!
For nearly 23 years, I've been in the Oriental rug business. 
So . . . what's the secret to our longevity, you ask?
Well, it helps to have great new and antique rugs at great prices, and hand-washing and restoration services that are really first class!! It also helps if you work hard to make sure your customers are happy - because that's what matters most. And that's what we try to do every day.
Oh, and when I say "we", I mean Me, of course, and also Steve (who has so far eluded the photographer).
If you're a customer, THANK YOU!!
If not yet, please think of us for your fine rug needs.
P.S. If anyone's seen that pair of Aviators, let me know; I'm always forgetting where I've left them!
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