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Before and After  Just a few of the thousands of carpets we've restored

Learn more about our repair and restoration services below


Bullit Repair End Before_edited
Bullit Repair End After_edited
Jim Campbell's Karabakh, Size 3-6 x 4-10_edited
Jim Campbell's Karabakh 3-6 x 5-0
Campbell Repair Before_edited
Campbell Repair After_edited
1 Powell, R, 5-4 x 7-9 Sevan Kazak
2 Rusty's 5'2 x 7'10 Kazak, repaired
Antique Derbend 3-2 x 4-6 Circa 1850
Derbent 3-5 x 5-0 AFTER
Old Karabakh with Abdul_edited
Old Karabakh

Talbot Oriental Rugs provides museum-quality repair and restoration services not only for new and antique oriental rugs, but also for Karastan carpets, needlepoint carpets, Aubusson carpets, tapestries, and many other forms of new and antique woven textiles extending their life and usefulness, as well as preserving their beauty and value.


Whether your carpet needs only simple repairs to fringes or edge bindings, or requires major restoration, our artisans have the knowledge, skills and experience to properly match the distinct materials, weaving technique, and colors that make each individual carpet a unique work of art.

Note the carpet, right, which was eaten by the family pooch! After re-establishing the foundation, our craftsmen re-piled the damaged area to match its original appearance! 

Thinking about having your carpet repaired? Call us at (410) 822-7400. We look forward to discussing how we can help you bring your carpet back to life.

More questions? Just give us a call.
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