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Bespoke, Custom & Woven-to-Order!

We weave carpets to order - by hand - in Azerbaijan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It's a process that begins with choosing a design, colours, materials, weaving style, and dimensions, and culminates in the delivery of your perfect carpet!



First Steps:


The process begins with choosing your perfect design, colours, materials, weave, and dimensions.

You can choose from among the hundreds of designs we have on hand, or supply a design of your own.

PEZOR 11'4 x 14'5 MASTARD LAYOUT.jpg

The Strike


Next, we weave a small sample rug, a "Strike", as a proof of the design, colours, weave and materials for your approval:




Once the Strike is approved, we begin weaving your carpet:


Arrival, and Delivery

In a few months, your newborn carpet will arrive as if brought by the stork! Really, it arrives via air freight, but ... 

Just as was done before your finished carpet was dispatched by the weavers, we give your carpet a thorough onceover to ensure that it meets all specifications. Then, we call you to arrange delivery and installation!


Contemplating recreating a rare Caucasian?


Our Caucasian pieces are traditionally woven with real vegetable dyed hand-spun wool by skilled weavers in Baku, Azerbaijan. Each piece is like a little time machine! Bring us your dresign and we'll weave it for you, incorporating any details you might want to add to make it uniquely yours.

Shirvan design 3'4 x 6'8.jpg
Shirvan Weaving Plan 3.jpg
Our Weavers in Baku.JPG
Weaving in Azerbaijan.JPG

Or is a chic modern Nepalese or traditional Tibetan carpet what you hanker for?

We have hundreds of designs -- tradition, transitional, modern, and eclectic -- to choose from and, of course, you may provide your own design. And colours ... Let me tell you about colours! We have them, from bold to subtle and back again, and you may use them in any combination. The canvas on which these colours will be fixed is of the good stuff: hand-spun wool from fat sheep grazed in the Tibetan highlands and real mulberry silk!

Tibetan rugs in Finishing Process.jpg
Checking against the Strike.jpg

Or is it something else you desire? A Serapi-design? A flatweave? An Oushak?

Whatever it is, we can help you create it! Give us a call at (410) 822-7400 to get started.

Sample Tibetan Carpet Designs.JPG
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